Safe and secure on holiday with Tisasol Sun Holidays.

We can well imagine that there is still some reserve with regard to the coming summer holidays. That goes for Ellen, the children and me from Tisasol as well. Yet again we long for a somewhat normal summer holiday in full sunshine in Italy or France. That is why we want to offer you the opportunity to book with us as safely and securely as possible. That's how we do it:


Safe because:

  • We keep a close eye on travel advice for you
  • Our mobile homes are fully equipped with private shower and toilet.
  • We maintain responsible cleaning and hygiene standards at and around our sites.

Especially since:

  • You only pay for your holiday if it can actually go ahead with the current travel advice.
  • You can already book with us now and pay next year
  • We always have a suitable alternative in our offer or a possibility to postpone your holiday.